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Here you can find all the information on my commissions. If you are interested in getting your own from me, please check out the info below before emailing me. If you have any questions not answered below, please feel free to contact me!






terms & conditions

tems & conditions


  • Traditional art may also be requested but prices will vary heavily depending on the subject and medium requested. Originals will then be shipped to you upon completion

  • If requesting NSFW art, you must provide proof of age (18+). NSFW pieces use the same pricing guide but will usually be more expensive depending on your request.

  • I draw pretty much anything so feel free to ask and I’ll let you know what can be done!



  • Payment is in USD and will be done through PayPal invoice only.

  • The invoice Includes the following:

    • Half of the full payment is due at the start of your month or you will lose your slot and deposit.

    • 2nd half of the payment is due upon completion of the work.

    • Paying the invoice means you’ve read and agreed to all my terms and conditions.

  • Once work has started and progress has been shown, there are no refunds. (Open to situational negotiations.)

  • Any significant changes to the piece (i.e. pose/expression/etc.) after you’ve already approved it through works in progress will cost extra.



  • Commissions are for personal use! If you’re interested in commercial work, please email directly.

    • Personal use means you can’t mass produce, sell or use the art in any commercial setting either by yourself (i.e. merchandise etc.) or through a company.

  • I reserve the right to post the art on social media and give tagged credit if it’s an original character unless otherwise discussed.

  • I reserve the right to monetize my artwork through mass production and other commercial settings unless discussed otherwise (i.e. original characters or real-life portraits etc.).

  • Terms are subject to change.

To inquire about rates, larger projects, or to place an order; please submit a request below!

questions, contact, and socials


Let’s get to it!

I’m happy to chat about any and all of your questions!

Looking for something bigger than listed above?

I also do:

Contact me at:



Discord: I Am Powers Art#4722

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