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The Dice
Have Been Rolled...'ve created your character, and session zero is over with! Maybe you've

even had your moment in the spotlight, and now you're ready for your character to come to life! I know firsthand how important our characters can be to us, and after 10+ years of playing DnD and various other Tabletops, I can say there is nothing quite like seeing that fantastical persona come to life on the page or screen! If you'd like to experience this joy too, let me know down below, and I will gladly help you bring your imagination into reality!

what i offer


When you imagine your character, what do you see first? Maybe it's their bloody nose or shit-eating grin? If so, the portrait is best for you!
The portrait is either a neck-up or waist-up image of your character in the zone, usually prioritizing facial features and expressions!

Full Body

Perhaps the part of your character that you most appreciate is their full suit of armor, their flashy magic, or their two-handed great-axe. If true, you should probably go for the full body.
The full body is for the characters whose gear and apparel are a vital part of who they are. In this option, I'll display your character, standing tall, in their full glory!

Action/Story Shot

If you can't picture your character apart from their friends, and can't stop talking about the time you saved the entire party from the ancient red dragon, then the story shot is for you!


In the action/story shot, I depict your favorite moment with your character. This includes at least 3 figures and will aim to focus on the action and emotion of the moment you choose. This could look like a traditional illustration, or we can get creative and turn your ideas into a comic cover or page. The sky's the limit for this option!